Affiliate Marketing:

1.Shipping Responsibility:
Our affiliates do not handle the shipping process. Shipping is the responsibility of the merchants or businesses whose products or services are being promoted by our affiliates.
2.Merchant Policies:
The shipping policies, including methods, costs, and delivery times, are determined by the merchants. Customers are advised to review the shipping information on the merchant’s website for accurate and up-to-date details.
3.Customer Communication:
We strive to provide accurate information regarding products and promotions. However, customers are encouraged to refer to the merchant’s site for specific shipping details.


1.Supplier Responsibilities:
In dropshipping, our suppliers are responsible for shipping products to the end customers. The shipping policies outlined here apply to products fulfilled through our dropshipping partners.
2.Shipping Times and Costs:
Customers should be aware of the estimated shipping times and any associated costs. This information is provided during the checkout process and may vary based on the supplier.
3.Multiple Suppliers:
Our store works with multiple suppliers. Shipping times and policies may differ for products sourced from different suppliers. Customers are advised to review each product’s shipping details.
4.Communication and Tracking:
Upon order confirmation, customers will receive shipping notifications and, if available, tracking information. We strive to keep customers informed about the status of their orders.
5.Returns and Refunds:
Our return and refund policies are outlined separately. Customers experiencing issues with their orders should refer to our dedicated returns and refunds page.


1.Legal Compliance:
All shipping practices comply with local and international laws, including customs regulations, shipping restrictions, and consumer protection laws.
2.Terms and Conditions:
This shipping policy is part of our broader terms and conditions. Customers are encouraged to review the complete terms and conditions on our website.
3.Contact Information:
For any shipping-related inquiries, customers can contact our customer support team at
4.Policy Updates:
This shipping policy is subject to change without prior notice. Updates will be reflected on our website, and customers are encouraged to check for the latest information